General Information

Full Name Fu Yin
Date of Birth 18th October, 1996
Languages Chinese, English


Academic Interests

  • Ambient Noise Monitoring and Imaging
    • High-Performance cross-correlation code
    • New imaging algorithm
  • Earthquake Source Inversion
    • Uncertainty assessment of source parameters
    • Source parameters' analysics
  • Tools
    • Bayesian inference (MCMC, reversible-jump MCMC, HMC and NUTS)
    • Distributed acoustic sensing technique (DAS)
    • High-Performance computing (HPC)


  • See the publications page for a full list of publications.

Field Experience

  • 2021.09 - 2021.11
    Hefei Downhole DAS Observation Experiment
    • Downhole Seismic Observation Based on DAS Technique, Hefei, China, installed 36 short-period stations (Z-land) around the 400-m optical cable.
  • 2020.09 - 2020.10
    Baijiatuan DAS Observation Experiment
    • Seismic Observation Based on DAS Technique, Beijing, China, installed 23 short-period stations (EPS), 47 short-period stations (Smartsolo), and 8 broadband stations around the 1-km optical cable.

Teaching Experience

  • Spring, 2021
    Engineering Seismology
    • Teaching assitant at USTC course
    • Designed and led a campus experiment of ambient noise observation with 10 short-period stations; taught Nakamura(HVSR) and SPAC method, including theory, code and assignments.

Open Source Projects

  • 2022 - now
    • Seismology tools in DAS data.
  • 2021 - 2022
    • A python package designed for seismic source study. It provides functionality for focal mechanism inversion and source parameters analysis.
  • 2022 - now
    • A notebook mainly about my scientific notes and gains in learning programming and geophysics
  • 2022
    • A Latex template including book, thesis, and assignment for Rice and USTC university.

Honors and Awards

  • 2021
    • Outstanding Academic Report Nomination Award and Outstanding Academic Poster Award of the 2 ndEngineering Postgraduate Academic Forum, University of Science and Technology of China, China.
  • 2020
    • First-class Scholarship for Academics, University of Science and Technology of China, China
  • 2018
    • Science and Technology Achievement Award, Ocean University of China, China
    • 1 st place at 5 th Applied Geophysical Skills Competition, Ocean University of China, China
  • 2017
    • Second-class award at the 15th Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, Shandong Association for Science and Technology. [top 3%]
  • 2016
    • Outstanding Volunteer, People's Government of Shandong, China


  • Programming Language
    • Python, C/C++, Julia, MATLAB, Bash, HTML/CSS, LaTeX
  • Development Tools
    • SAC, PyGMT, ObsPy, TauP, Pykonal, gCAP, NoisePy, SeisIO, SeisNoise, CC-FJpy, SPECFEM2D, OpenSWPC, Frequency-Wavenumber